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Greekers,  Denny Diehl here

Recently, I noticed an interesting word in Luke 6:1:


Of course, SABBATWi is not the interesting word that
I have in mind<g>.  Is DEUTEROPRWTWi a word which
is used (couldn't find it anywhere else)?  Metzger thinks
it is the result of a mistake after trying to correct a correction
in the text (first came PRWTWS in regard to Lk 6:6; then
came another copyist who deleted PRWTWS [by dots above
the word] and supplied DEUTEROS in regard to Lk 4:31, 
then another copyist, not noticing that PRWTWS had been
deleted, combined the two words.  Sounds like the makings
of a good detective story.  Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Also, for the historians on the List, Jerome visited Constantinople
in 379-380.  Gregory of Nazianzus and Jerome discussed many
passages which perplexed Jerome.  Luke 6:1, and the word in
question, was one of those passages.  In asking Gregory about
it, Gregory advised Jerome to come to church, and he would
preach about it that Sunday.  After that Jerome thought that he
understood the meaning.  What did Gregory make out of this

Thanks for the help.

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