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Can anybody help me with the meaning of ADIAPHORA, I can not find it in BAGD!


I know you have had two good answers to your query already, but I thought I
would make two points which may be of use to you in future.

1. The initial A of ADIAPHORA is an indication of 'canellation' or
'opposite to'. So, if you look up DIAPHORA in BAGD you will find:
DIAPHORA, -AS, H   difference

2. Go to:

This is the morphological analysis tool of the Perseus Project, to which
Carl Conrad has periodically drawn to our attention .
It really is a most useful tool.
It actually provides a free download of the SGreek for Windows fonts so
that y9u can read everything in fully accented Greek rather in

It provides for other configurations too.

Well worth using, because even if you looked up the big L. S. & J. in
hardback, you would have brief citations of the classical use of the word
-- with Perseus you can go to the full citation, and then click on the
English translation.



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