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Fri Jan 29 04:23:57 EST 1999

(michael palmer wrote)
>While I use the reconstructed Attic pronunciation for reading Attic Greek
>(but with stress accents rather than the pitch accents that would have
>used at that time), I strongly prefer Modern Greek pronunciation for the
>New Testament material. This is a matter of personal preference, but the
>Modern pronunciation sounds much more natural to me than any other for the
>koine material.

i would back michael, generally. it's what i did for twenty years, though
at grad school i actually had to warble my circumflexes high-low. 

michael--how many schools use 'reconstructed' attic? by that i mean HTA as
"ae" in english 'bat', w-mega as o in 'note' and o-mikron as 'au' in

however, i dropped the modern greek vowels when i started teaching koine
greek as a living language in the classroom. rather than introduce
'english' vowels, the i now use a roman-age hellenistic:
Hta as distinct from i (close to 'e' of 'they'), 
ai=e, ('bet')
oi=u (french u)
i would recommend that for anyone majoring with post-alexander,
pre-byzantine greek, ie. most interested in nt, early church fathers,
papyri et al.
randall buth

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