imperative form of APOKALUPTW

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> Don't know why I can't figure this out myself, buy is the 3rd sing
> aorist active imperative of APOKALUPTW APOKALUPTETW or APEKALUPTETW?


 AP'EKALUPTETW, because the APO is "separable" to admit the augment, and
 the O elides (is omitted) before the E.

> And does any one know what the Greek word or words stand as the
> equivalent of the Hebrew or Aramaic for "reveal" as in "may your
> Kingdom be revealed"?

 It would be the Jussive (Imperfect) 3 f.s. Niph`al of GaLaH, to reveal.
 In your example, TiGGaLeH MaLKuWTeKa, let your kingly dignity be revealed.
 Or YiGGaLeH MaM:LaK:TeKa, let your royal territory be revealed.
 "Kingdom" is ambiguous in English.

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