imperative form of APOKALUPTW

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Thu Jan 28 14:16:01 EST 1999

It's neither, I believe.  APOKALUPTW will become APOKALUYATW.
(Y being Psi, I hope).  APOKALUPTETW is pres act imperative.  It will never
be APE... as the augment is lost in the imperative.

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Subject: imperative form of APOKALUPTW

>Don't know why I can't figure this out myself, buy is the 3rd sing
>aorist active imperative of APOKALUPTW APOKALUPTETW or APEKALUPTETW?
>And does any one know what the Greek word or words stand as the
>equivalent of the Hebrew or Aramaic for "reveal" as in "may your Kingdom
>be revealed"?
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