is the b-greek home page ok?

Jim Beale beale at
Wed Jan 27 07:45:41 EST 1999

At 9:25 PM +1100 1/27/99, One of the McKays wrote:

>>Is something wrong with the home page, or is the
>>problem on my end.  I want to get to the archives,
>>but I can't log in.  The button doesn't do anything.
>>Any ideas?
>Jim, it could be the way you are holding your mouth!
>[Changing the way you are holding your mouth works for opening jars, moving
>stubborn screws, etc, so you never know! I got this advice from my dad,

That's very possible David.  Did your dad have any
suggestions about how to hold it?  Or should I just
start contorting it wildly to see if anything works?


   A mystery is a problem which encroaches upon its own data, 
   invading them, as it were, and thereby transcending itself as 
   a simple problem. (Gabriel Marcel, On the Ontological Mystery)

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