Eph 2:6

Blahoslav Cicel cbmost at iol.cz
Tue Jan 26 02:00:57 EST 1999

Hello b-greekers!

Until now I was a passive member for several weeks. As this is my first
posting, let me introduce myself.

I (38) am pastor of a smaller fellowship (70) of the Church of brothers
in Most (70,000+) in the north-west of the Czech republic. My former
education is in the area of computers, so since I became a fulltime
pastor in 1994 I am passing thru a formal education in theology
(seminary). My greek is a beginners one, after one semester of basics.
To keep in touch is one of the main reasons for me to be in the list
with you. I enjoy it.

My question is this one:
My wife asked me: "What does it mean, that God introduced us with Him
(Christ) on the heavenly throne in Christ Jesus (Eph 6:2, Czech
ecumenical version)?" A short check showed, that this is not the meaning
of the original text. The other czech versions are more precise.
 The verb used in the text is SIGKAQIZW meaning
- to cause to sit with, in company with (Bagster)
- BAGD renders it: he (God) made us sit down with (Christ) in heaven

What is the picture of SIGKAQIZW? Is it of a common meal, or of
co-rulers, or of elders siting toghether in the gates, or a fiest or
simply a company of friends? Is there any hint in the text or in the
cultural/historical background which can help us to understand this
fraze? MUST it be taken literally, or it IS an illustration?

Thaks in forward.


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