Prayers for Wife

Theodore H Mann thmann at
Mon Jan 25 13:37:48 EST 1999

Dear All:

I recently submitted a prayer request for my wife, and I again beg your
indulgence for this off-topic matter; however, I have come to think of
you as friends.  I intend to respond personally to each of you who have
E-Mailed your prayers and best wishes for my wife's recovery from
medullary thyroid cancer, but for now I continue to request your prayers.
 Kathy will undergo surgery tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at the University
of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor.  The operation involves the removal of
her thyroid, all lymph nodes in her neck and surrounding area, and
anything else that looks suspicious or is at risk for the spread of the
disease.  I have learned that medullary cancer is a rather rare form of
cancer, and much more serious than the usual thyroid cancers.  This type
responds only to surgery, and virtually not at all to chemotherapy or
radiation.  It is necessary that absolutely all of it be removed, so as
to be certain that it does not return.  I ask you to pray to that end.

I have often heard people say that they sense the prayers of others
during crises, and I always rather thought that that probably had more to
do with an overactive imagination.  NOT TRUE.  My wife and I are inwardly
aware of the prayers of others, including yours, and one of the results
has been a sense of peace and serenity in the midst of travail.  Thank
you !!

Blessings on all.

Theodore "Ted" Mann
thmann at

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