arsenokoite ( 1 corinthians 6:9 ) vs. arseno and koite in Leviticus

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Mon Jan 25 13:16:11 EST 1999

At 9:17 AM -0600 1/25/99, dano at wrote:
>Is there any particular reason I can't get into the archives before
>June 28 ?

For archives BEFORE June 28, 1998, go to:

For archives SINCE June 28, 1998, go to:

Sign in there with your e-address (you can leave the password line blank)
and click to enter the list. The messages available there are all those
since the list was moved to Sunsite. What's missing is messages from
November 1997 up to the point that the site was moved to the (now = site. Those archives have simply
not been posted, and the link at the site to archives
after June 28 is inaccurate: it should give the reference to the Lyris site
(the second URL above). I think Jonathan is still out of town if not out of
the country; last I heard he was going to Thailand), and he's the only one
who can fix things like that at the archive site.

I hope this helps a little bit. Eventually we will get that hiatus fixed.
But most of the archives from 1992 forward can be accessed.

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