ONOMA with dative in Mk. 5:9 and Lk. 8:30

Edgar Krentz ekrentz at lstc.edu
Mon Jan 25 04:05:39 EST 1999

>	I've come across an odd construction in Mk. 5:9 with its parallel
>in Luke
>	The dative can be used with ONOMA to indicate a parenthetical
>as in Jn. 1:6; 3:1; 18:10; Acts 27:1; 27:8; Rev. 6:8; 9:11.  This is called
>a parenthetical nominative construction by BDF (#144).
>	But the two instances of ONOMA with dative in Mk. 5:9 and the one
>in Lk.
>8:30 appear not to conform to this pattern.  I am wondering if there is
>some nuance of meaning that is conveyed by the use of the dative pronouns
>in these passages, since one would normally expect ONOMA with a posessive
>referent to be in the genitive case, except when parenthetical.
>Regards to all,
>David Moore


I think this is a rather normal construction, a dative of possession. as
descrfibed in H.  P. V. Nunn, A SHSORT SYNTAX OF NT GREEK, no. 39, p. 47.

Translate it as "W{hat is your name?"

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