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On Friday Jan 22 Jim West wrote:
>My point is merely that perhaps, again, perhaps, the focus
>of v.1 is the "land" in the narrow sense of the land of Israel; and that
>from THERE the author expands his horizons to the whole of the universe.
>other words, God starts with the "land" and makes all the rest of creation
>around it.

Could v.1 be Speaking of the "world to come whereof we speak" Heb 2:5 as though it had been done and meaning Heaven (Christ and His CO-rulers) and the earth (the righteous population) of the future Kingdom of Christ? Then it might make more sense to state "let us make man in our image and after our likeness" v.26 placing this discourse after man has been judged righteous and then changed from mortal to immortal into the likeness of Their immortal image and likeness. No man now is in the image of God except Christ. A treatment of Gen. as a historical plan of the Spiritual Creation would be of more benefit to man than its treatment as a history of God’s physical creation. Why would God waste time telling man who is less than nothing about his Physical Universal creation. Keep in mind that it may be that God speaks of things that are to come as though they had already been. Just a thought. I WILL NOW GO HIDE IN THE CLOSET.

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