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At 5:05 PM -0500 1/23/99, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>Mark 10:17ff reads:
>We seem to have three participles hanging off of one main verb. How common
>is this?

Well, the first group is a genitive absolute, so it probably ought to be
set off with a comma (I would do that if I were editing it, at any rate);
the other participles are aorists which do regularly precede the main verb
to indicate successive actions; so note: o;nly PROSDRAMWN and GONUPETHSAS
AUTON actually go with the subject of EPHRWTA (i.e. hEIS); technically the
genitive absolutely stands more or less by itself: "And as he (AUTOU) was
setting forth on the road, one man ran up to him (PROSDRAMWN), bowed down
worshipfully before him (GONUPETHSAS) and proceeded to ask him (EPHRWTA
AUTON). I don't think this is at all uncommon.

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