Differences btw. NA 26 and NA 27

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Fri Jan 22 17:32:15 EST 1999

At 3:37 PM -0500 1/22/99, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>I ran across a disagreement in the "pointing" of a passage: in 2 Tim 2.25,
>the NA 26 reads the optative DWiJ (delta-omega with iota subscript-eta),
>while the NA 27 at the same passage reads the subjunctive DWJi
>(delta-omega-eta with iota subscript).  (Westcott/Hort note the possibility
>of the different readings, and place the optative in the text and the
>subjunctive in the margin.)  How do we describe this bit of minutiae--it's
>not orthography, it really *is* a difference in the text.

No big deal--but it really looks like what's being given above--with "J"
for Eta-- is pasted in from a biblical search program. I find it rather
confusing when everybody uses a different transliteration scheme and
although we don't prescribe what to use, there are some suggested schemes
in the FAQ that's distributed to new members and that is available at the
list's regular Metalab web archive site.

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