Looking for a nice leather-bound GNT edition

Kevin W. Woodruff cierpke at utc.campuscw.net
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It's not just the leather-bound of the UBS 4th that's has a nasty typeface.
Its the whole 4th editon. I think someone mentioned that a typesetting
mistake was made (the 4th was the first computer typeset Greek NT) and the
whole 4th editon was set in the italic Greek font. If you can find a
leather-bound copy of the UBS 3rd corrected editon that's a real beauty. I
had one, but I gave it to one of my prized pupils. I had my Nestles 27th and
BHS bound together by a local bookbinder who specializes in repairing and
rebinding Bibles here in Chattanooga. he did a great job and I had a_ Biblia
Sacra Utriusque Testamenti_ before UBS started printing one.


At 03:33 PM 1/22/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Recently, we had a thread dealing with differences between various printed
>editions of the GNT. I got the impression that the USB 4th edition in
>leather was not very readable. Does any one know of a nice leather-bound
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