Differences btw. NA 26 and NA 27

John Baima jbaima at silvermnt.com
Fri Jan 22 17:05:46 EST 1999

>Perry Stepp's question is well-taken; the editors do indeed claim that
>NA-26 and NA-27 and UBS-GNT-3c and UBS-GNT-4 have the same TEXT, and that 
>as of the latter edition of each, even punctuation is the same, "with
>rare exceptions."

I'm sure that there are some changes between GNT3c and GNT4. I do not have
them at hand, but I could generate the list if I have some time to kill.
There are still a handfull differences in the NA and UBS texts (sorry for
the beta code!)
		UBS			NA
Act 17:7  	pra/ssousi  >  pra/ssousin
Rom 11:25  	a)/xris  >  a)/xri
1Co 6:3   	mh/tige  >  mh/ti ge
1Co 9:1   	e(w/raka  >  e(o/raka
1Co 11:26   	a)/xris  >  a)/xri
2Co 8:5   	a)ll'  >  a)lla\
2Co 11:25   	e)rabdi/sqhn  >  e)rrabdi/sqhn

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