Differences btw. NA 26 and NA 27

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From: Edward Hobbs <EHOBBS at WELLESLEY.EDU>

>Would Perry share with us the variation he found?  And I'll make a stab at
>finding the exchange on B-Greek earlier, unless someone is faster than I
>am to do it.

I ran across a disagreement in the "pointing" of a passage: in 2 Tim 2.25,
the NA 26 reads the optative DWiJ (delta-omega with iota subscript-eta),
while the NA 27 at the same passage reads the subjunctive DWJi
(delta-omega-eta with iota subscript).  (Westcott/Hort note the possibility
of the different readings, and place the optative in the text and the
subjunctive in the margin.)  How do we describe this bit of minutiae--it's
not orthography, it really *is* a difference in the text.

As I said in my original post, this *is* a minor difference.  It doesn't
seem to me that it would affect translation much if at all, the optative
seems to express a slightly higher degree of uncertainty--but even that is
debatable, isn't it?

But, as anyone who has ever been graded on verb parsing knows, IT MATTERS TO
SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE.  And the tools that parse verbs (i.e., AGNT, Rogers'
*Linguistic Key*, etc.) DO NOT CORRECTLY REFLECT THE NA 27 at this
particular point.  WHICH WAS THE WHOLE POINT: at what other places do these
supposedly identical texts diverge, be their divergences ever so minute?

Interesting: my GRAMcord parser (I purchased GRAMcord in 1993) analyzes the
verb at 2 Tim 2.25 as a subjunctive, not an optative.  I thought GRAMcord's
text was the NA 26.  Perhaps Miller or Carson or whoever did the analysis of
2 Tim made an executive decision and ignored the NA 26 "pointing" (cf. 2 Tim


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