Differences btw. NA 26 and NA 27

Fri Jan 22 15:53:23 EST 1999


Perry Stepp's question is well-taken; the editors do indeed claim that
NA-26 and NA-27 and UBS-GNT-3c and UBS-GNT-4 have the same TEXT, and that 
as of the latter edition of each, even punctuation is the same, "with
rare exceptions."

BUT, there was an exchange a year or two ago (sorry, I can't lay my hands 
on date, and my memory recently tends to be vague on things between 3 
months and 3 years ago!), on this very question.  Someone actually found a 
difference or two, and I did print it out and set it in a pile for filing
when there is time (!).

It's probably in the archives, but it may have occurred during the gap in 
our archives.

Would Perry share with us the variation he found?  And I'll make a stab at
finding the exchange on B-Greek earlier, unless someone is faster than I
am to do it.

Edward Hobbs

----------Perry wrote--->>>>>>

I've always understood that the two editions (actually four, if you count
the 3rd corrected and 4th UBS editions) were identical.  But I've found one
admittedly minor but substantive textual difference between the NA 26 and

My question: has anyone compiled a list of differences between the editions?

Perry L. Stepp

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