New Font

Jack Kilmon jkilmon at
Thu Jan 21 16:32:31 EST 1999

Fellow Greekers:

    I have added a new font to my collection of epigraphic and scribal
fonts for use in pubs and classrooms. l562 Green Minuscule is based
on Gregory-Aland l562, an early 10th century ms.  It is a preliminary
work and includes a collection of ligatures.  A character key is
included in the zip file.
   Like all my "scribal" fonts, you must do some "scribing" with the
format/font/character spacing utility in Word to raise and lower
point sizes and/or line position of each character to approximate
the hand of your exemplar.
   I will be continuing to refine this font.
A new "Early Phoenician" font has also been added.

 Download them for free at my website at:


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