Seeking ideas for a grammatical/syntactical project in Jeremiah

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> Can any of you suggest research topics or other projects related to
Jeremiah that would involve a grammatical/syntactical focus applicable to a
25-30 page treatment?  Perhaps some of you would also have suggested
sources, etc.  
>Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx.

Take a look at the "confessions" of Jeremiah (you can find them listed in
von Rad's Theology s.v. Jeremiah).    As far as resources are concerned,
Carroll's commentary is excellent- and you cannot, simply cannot, ignore
McKane's extraordinary 2 vol commentary in the ICC series.  What is
interesting here is the debate as to whether the "confessions" are personal
(as von Rad argued) or communal (as others suggest).  The language of the
confessions is powerful and moving.  When Jeremiah accuses God of assaulting
him and forcing him to be a prophet you have fertile grounds for exegesis of
grammar and syntax.

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