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Wed Jan 20 06:19:09 EST 1999

It seems that the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft wants to set up its own online
GNT now.  Their plan is to put up one fully accented version (+font) and one
ASCII version within the next three months. So I was told today.
I think it might be a good idea to send them your ideas about how this
version should look like.

My thoughts: At least one version should have
1. no accents
2. no different end-Sigma
3. the transliteration scheme X=Xi, C=Chi, Q=Theta and Y=Psi should be used
4. one should always have one complete book on the screen and not only one

Please send your suggestions to Dr. Winfried Bader who is responsible for
their online publications: bader at

Maybe then the result will come out most user-friendly.

Best wishes

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