Greek fonts in WinWord 97

Edgar Krentz ekrentz at
Tue Jan 19 05:27:49 EST 1999

>>>For one more thing, anyone using the font of SPIonic? When I use it, it
>>>breaks a word into 2 parts when I am going to the next line, even the
>>>word should not be breaken there. Any solution?
>>It's not just SPIonic.  Unless Windows has a Greek dictionary [so it
>recognizes the text chains as
>>words], it will truncate willy-nilly at the end of a line.
>>If you figure out how to fix this, let me know...
>I think this is a problem with any font that Word considers to be a
>"symbol" font. It wrecks havoc with my teaching documents for Greek. (I
>have my "overheads" in Word, but with text set at 8 point, whichis
>unreadable ont he screen. I control the flow of info and class presentation
>by gradually increasing the font size from 8 to 36 point.) My workaround is
>a Word macro that "converts" by text so that all interveaning spaces are
>formatted for Times New Roman font instead of Greek. The lines then end
>correctly and Greek words are not divided.
I don't know much about this. I have not had trouble using SPIonic or Greek
Keys or any other Greek font on my Mac in MSWord 5.1 or 6.0.

Maybe it's another reason to stick with my MAC!

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