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At 6:56 AM -0800 1/19/99, George Blaisdell wrote:
>>>Is Capt. Basil Gildersleeve the same Gildersleeve
>>>of world-famous reknown?
>And this thread has got me to wondering if Capt. Gildersleeve might also
>be the historical person that Larry MacMurtrey had in mind when he
>created the character of the 1st captain in the Texas Rangers in
>Commanche Moon, who later went on to distinguish himself in the Civil
>War in that novel.  [He was the one carving Homer in Greek on a rock
>face to keep himself sane in tortuous captivity by a notorious
>Commanche, noted some months back by Carl Conrad.]

That hadn't occurred to me, but it's by no means unconceivable that
MacMurtrey had him in mind; as I recall the Captain in Comanche Moon did go
back to teaching at Harvard after his experiences; my recollection,
however, is that although he knew Greek, he was more into Physics or one of
the empirical sciences.

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