Clement of Alexandria

Rick H Duggin rduggin at
Tue Jan 19 10:40:55 EST 1999

In Hart's comments on UPOGRAMMON IN 1 Pt.2:21
(Expositor's Gk. Testament) he refers to Clement of 
Alexandria who gives three examples of a copy-head
or pattern to be traced over by writing-pupils.    

Hart cites this as one of Clement's examples --

1. The second word means sphinx.    Surely the first
"word" is not a real Greek word.    Is it a combination
of words (e.g., PLHKTRON)?   And/or Is it designed 
merely as a memory aid to help students write their letters?

2. If the first "word" is manufactured to aid in writing 
the letters, why is the letter upsilon  missing?   (Or am
I missing something?)

3. Does anyone know Clement's other two examples?

Thanks for your help.

Rick Duggin
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