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>Dear b-Greekers:
>Is Capt. Basil Gildersleeve the same Gildersleeve
>of world-famous reknown?  I came across this recently
>while reading, "A Soldier's Recollections - Leaves from
>the Diary of a young Confederate" (Randolph McKim, D.D.):
<quote sniped>

	Yes, he was. According to all reports, he seem to have been a brave
fighter and he was wounded severely during the American Civil War. He was
almost killed during combat and he bearded for the rest of his life a long
scarce the face, that he tried to dissimulate with a long beard (please,
somebody put this in English!). He wrote several political pamphlets for
the cause of the South that one can not read now without some astonishment,
but with the wonderful style that characterised his philological writings
(he is one of the very rare syntacticians who wrote really well!).
	There is a nice semblance of him in a volume dedicated to the life
of several philologists from Hermann to the present, "Classical
scholarship: a biographical encyclopaedia" edited by Ward W. Briggs and
William M. Calder.1990. The book is a very amusing collection of essays on
the personality of many of the most distinguished and influential
philologist, if we forget some serious omissions (mainly L. Robert) and a
vitriolic attack on Jaeger. I used to read it's chapters almost as "lives
of Saints" some years ago.
	In addition to his (and Mart'inez Lodge) "Latin Grammar" mentioned
by C. Conrad and recently re-edited by the Bristol Classical press he left
us inter alia the two volumes of his unfinished Gildersleeve, Basil
Lanneau. 1900 - 1911. Syntax of Classical Greek from Homer to Demosthenes I
- II. New York. and the wonderful series of articles in the American
Journal of Philology (which he founded) which are a gold mine for every
syntactician. There is something of Gildersleeve in the new Greek syntax I
mentioned some days ago.
	N.B: Keep an eye on those Bristol Classical press' re-editions:
they have  re-edited Goodwin, William W. 1879. A Greek grammar. and
Palmer's "The Greek Language", and they announced re-editions of J.
Denniston still imprescindible "Greek particles" and (at last!) "Greek
prose style".

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