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Paul S. Dixon wrote:
> Dear b-Greekers:
> Is Capt. Basil Gildersleeve the same Gildersleeve
> of world-famous reknown?  I came across this recently
> while reading, "A Soldier's Recollections - Leaves from
> the Diary of a young Confederate" (Randolph McKim, D.D.):
> "On September 27th [1864] ... I find a record of another fight,
> and among the wounded was Capt. Basil L. Gildersleeve,
> serving on the staff of General Gordon.  This accomplished
> and great scholar, the greatest "Grecian" of his day in
> America, had been my professor of Greek at the University
> of Virginia in 1859-60.  On the closing of the University he had
> entered the service, and had shown that he could emulate the
> courage of the heroes of Hellas as successfully as he could
> expound the intricacies of their beautiful language.  He carries
> to this day, in his limping gait, the witness of his gallantry in
> that fight forty-five years ago, but, though long past seventy
> years of age, his intellect marches as erect and vigorous as
> ever.  His career may remind us that the cause of the South
> rallied to its support men of every rank and condition in life,
> the student and the scholar, not less than the man of affairs"
> (p. 233).

If by the Gildersleeve of renown" you mean the Great Gildersleeve of
radio and TV the answer is no. His name was Throckmorton P.
Gildersleeve, immortalized by Harold Perry. 


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