Joseph Garnier mre2me at ccountry.net
Sat Jan 16 19:20:45 EST 1999

Thank you for allowing me to join the club, and I wish to comment on this 
message.  Jonathan spoke of personifying truth, but personification is 
maybe a stretch.  To my limited understanding, founded on the use of the 
article, truth is a definite and fixed quantity.  The abstraction truth was 
not used by these ancient writer because they had no need for it.  This 
truth, therefore, is a fixed and identifiable (mayber only by its results) 
ethereal substance.  The truth is narrow and defined (by the law) while 
unrighteousness/injustice is deviation from the truth and is only defined 
as it pertains to truth as its antithesis.  My unconventional and 
self-taught mind perceives 1 Corinthians 13: 6 to say:

6It does not salute by injustice, but salutes alongside with the truth

               By the patience of Jesus who is God's Anointed One,
                                           Joseph Garnier

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