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Much thanks for your response.  It was most helpful.

Paul S. Dixon, Pastor
Wilsonville, Oregon

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999 06:15:19 -0600 "Carl W. Conrad"
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>At 1:38 AM -0500 1/16/99, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>>I came across this in Lk 7:30 that really puzzles me.
>>Compare some of the translations:
>>"rejected the counsel of God against themselves" (KJV),
>>"rejected God's purpose for themselves" (NASB),
>>"rejected God's purpose for themselves" (NIV),
>>"rejected God's purpose for themselves" (NRSV),
>>"rejected the plan of God for themselves" (NAB), etc.
>>It would seem the translations are taking EIS hEAUTOUS
>>with THN BOULHN TOU QEOU instead of with
>>HQETHSAN.  What gives here?
>Well, A thought, at any rate. I think that the problem is in the 
>rather than the Greek; as I read the Greek, EIS hEAUTOUS definitely 
>construe with HQETHSAN: "they nullified with respect to themselves 
>will." The problem is that this is abnormal English word order which 
>ordinarily to require a direct object to follow the verb more or less
>immediately. One could put the adverbial phrase first: "Insofar as it
>applied to themselves, they rejected God's intent." My sense of these
>translations is that they understand the sense of the Greek rightly 
>their English doesn't reflect the structure of the Greek (because it 
>without violating normal English word-order).
>I think, if I've understood the sense of the Greek rightly, that 
>would have been the more classical formulation and also clearer than 
>hEAUTOUS, which may reflect a Semitism. Certainly in terms of 
>grammatical constructions, if EIS hEAUTOUS were meant to construe
>attributively with THN BOULHN it should have another article (THN EIS
>hEAUTOUS BOULHN)--but surely the phrase must construe adverbially with
>HQETHSAN: they rejected it as something not applying to or obligating
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