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Sat Jan 16 13:01:19 EST 1999

There is a solution much easier than remappuing the keyboard.
Just go to and choose Mac or Windows.
Once there get AND spionic.readme (or the correspondig 
Mac files). This last file shows the encoding sceme.

The opening of John's gospel is tyed in as:

e)n a)rxh|~

All characters and accents are entered using regular lower/UPPERcase

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999 00:47:44 -0600 Greg Kilbrai <gkilbrai at>
>I'm getting frustrated trying to insert breathing and accent marks 
>my greek fonts using my wordprocessor. Is there a way to print out 
>character of the font and the corresponding keyboard key so I can use 
>as a permanent reference? I've tried using the "character map" 
>with windows 95, but it only displays on the screen and you have to 
>the mouse to highlight the character to see the corresponding 
>So far the only alternative seems to be making a manual chart for 
>font which seems kind of silly in our computer age.
>Has anyone else come up with a solution to this that they could share
>with me?
>Greg Kilbrai (venturing forth into his first exegesis paper... #:)
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