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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Sat Jan 16 07:00:23 EST 1999

At 12:47 AM -0600 1/16/99, Greg Kilbrai wrote:
>I'm getting frustrated trying to insert breathing and accent marks for
>my greek fonts using my wordprocessor. Is there a way to print out each
>character of the font and the corresponding keyboard key so I can use it
>as a permanent reference? I've tried using the "character map" utility
>with windows 95, but it only displays on the screen and you have to use
>the mouse to highlight the character to see the corresponding keystroke.
>So far the only alternative seems to be making a manual chart for each
>font which seems kind of silly in our computer age.
>Has anyone else come up with a solution to this that they could share
>with me?
>Greg Kilbrai (venturing forth into his first exegesis paper... #:)

I hope you will get some practical advice on this question since I know we
have on this list oodles of people who must deal professionally with just
this problem. I will say that this is one item that, like the Y2K problem,
was thoughtfully anticipated on the Macintosh platform, where there's been
a KeyCaps  DA from the very beginning which will reveal the keyboarding of
any font installed in the system.

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