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At 12:51 PM 1/14/99 +0000, Jim West wrote:
>Hello.  I did a search on Perseus for this word- euxrhstos (2 Tim 4:11) and
>got no hits.  Is anyone able to tell me how it was used by classical authors?
>Lotsa thanks,

A reverse search at Perseus ("useful") turned up this:

euchrêst-os, on, also -ê, on Orph.Fr.272: (chraomai):--

                        useful, serviceable, en tini Hp. Fract.16 (Sup.);
pros ti Plat. Laws 777b, Xen. Mem. 3.8.5,
                      etc.; eis ti D.S. 5.40 (Sup.); of persons, c. dat.,
PPetr.3p.153 (iii B.C.); tôi dêmôi
                      Inscr.Prien.102.5 (ii/i B.C.); skeuos eu. tôi
despotêi 2 Ep.Ti.2.21; euchrêstai hêmerai, in
                      astrology, Orph.Fr.272. Adv. -tôs
Chrysipp.Stoic.2.334; eu. echein pros ti Plb.3.73.5,

I recommend again a site that was recommended earlier for its ability to
search ANRW titles, "What do you want to know?" at U Ky:   It also allows
you to search, as I did, for specific English in LSJ definitions.


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