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>At 06:54 PM 1/9/99 -0500, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>>Jon Robie wrote:
>>>Cool! Incidentally, I can still remember learning the frequency table for
>>>English when I was in middle school:
>>> e t a o n r i s h d l f c m u g w p w b v k x j q z
>>I believe that should be a "y" after "m u g".
>Yes, you are right. It's a typo... I remembered it correctly and typed it
>>Cryptographers, unite!
>Yep, you have me pegged. When I was in middle school I had a librarian who
>would make up a new code every few days and hand me a piece of paper with a
>message written in that code. For about two years I faithfully cracked each
>code. I'll never forget that librarian, and I'll never forget the frequency
>tables ;->

I wonder what would happen to the statistics if one plt T & Q, and P & F
together. They are, after all, variants of the same phoneme. [I know, some
will say that this pronunciation is no longer valid for the early Roman

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