1 Cor 13:10 TO TELEION in Archives

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Thu Jan 14 09:02:38 EST 1999

I've been asked off-list about previous discussions on the list of the
above-noted topic. Here's what I find in my own archives:

B-Greek Archives 95.11: 10/31/95-11/08/95
B-Greek Archives 95.12: 12/06
B-Greek Archives 98.05: 05/29/98
B-Greek Archives 98.06: 06/01/98

Of course, for consulting the list archives at Sunsite (i.e. Metalabs,
now), it is the dates of messages that are important--the archive files by
month are my own numbering system; I think all of the above are accessible
in the Archives as presently constituted, although, of course, one will
need to go to the new Lyris web site to view the messages from late May and
early June of this past year.
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