Book query--ANRW

Wed Jan 13 16:49:39 EST 1999


Rod Decker's inquiry about ANRW has been answered well already,  Let
me add one more minor push toward its purchase by Rod's library.

Paul Bodin rightly pointed out that it is really indispensable for any
program which offers a Ph.D. in NT or anything else in the Hellenistic-
Late Antiquity period.  Unless it is available elsewhere within a
ten-minute drive, it MUST be acquired for such a program.

But let me add that even schools without graduate programs would find
it valuable if they have faculty in classics and/or New Testament and/or
early church history.  Here at Wellesley, we have subscribed to it from 
the beginning (easier than plunking down $20,000 at once, I admit!), which 
spreads out the cost over a quarter-century.  I really would be pained to 
have to drive 14 miles every time I wanted to look something up or get up-
to-date on a topic; that was OK while I was teaching at Harvard, but now 
that in my dotage I'm teaching only at Wellesley, having the full set here
at Wellesley is welcome indeed.

But I do concede that the one-time catch-up price is staggering.

Edward Hobbs

------Rod Decker wrote------>>>>>>>.

I just ran across info on a major reference work with which I am unfamiliar
(actually our librarian asked about the importance of our obtaining all or
part of it--and I surely don't want to miss the opportunity to influence a
purchase of this magnitude!):

*Aufstieg und Niedergang der romischen Welt* (Rise and Decline of the Roman
World)--over 80 vols. (tech. about 40 with multiple parts/bindings). At
prices running from $200 to $500 per vol., this complete set would run well
over US$20,000.00 (and that's based on the de Gruyter prices that I have
from 1993!).

Is anyone familiar with this set, and if so, can you comment as to its
relevance for a seminary program? We have both an undergrad college program
here as well as a grad school (MS in ed.), and a seminary-which includes
both MDiv, ThM, DMin, and soon PhD programs. None of our programs, however,
are "classics majors." Are there particular vols. that would be most
relevant to biblical studies, or is the entire set of sufficient value to
justify the (very high) price?



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