Luke 3:16 Two Baptisms or One?

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>Ok Greeks here is a real question.
>In Luke 3:16b we have the clause:
>This passage has been the source of substantial exegetical discussion.
>Note that I am not talking about theological debates here but exegetical
>ones. So lets keep the discussion focused on the meaning of the text.
>One problem which needs to be addressed is syntactical. As far as I can
>see the syntax of this passage does not settle the question:  Two
>Baptisms or One? Anyone want to show me how this question can be settled
>based on syntax alone?

Clayton, ;one possible sykntactical hint is the fact than EN applies both
to PNEUEMATI and PURI. Were these two separat e baptisms, I would expect
the EN teo be repeated.

What follows in Luke suggests tht John anticipates that Jesus will go
tehough Israel gathering the righteouis and putting out the sinners. For an
earlier conceptual parallel read Psalms of Solomon 17's description of the
work of the Son of David, the king for whom this I BC psalmist prays.

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