B-Greek list administration issues

Jonathan Robie jonathan at texcel.no
Tue Jan 12 09:55:16 EST 1999

At 05:35 AM 1/12/99 -0600, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>Incidentally, although I think Jonathan has mentioned this on some
>occasion, our membership list is not available as a list of e-addresses
>that can be readily obtained by anyone; in fact, even list administrators
>can't obtain such a list with any ease. 

Carl, there's a secret I haven't told you about. The list administrators
can indeed get this list by email quite easily, as long as your email
address is registered as an administrator's address and you know the right
passwords, etc.

>If there are any disadvantages to
>this, at least it must be said that we have been mercifully free of the
>floods of occasional spam that used to hit us in the old days at
>majordomo at virginia.edu. 

And it also keeps everyone's email addresses from being automatically
stripped by all those spam programs that go out to mailing lists and get
all the valid email addresses they can find.

>I did notice, the last time that I was in the
>list-membership files, that we have a membership of well over 600, which
>must include a great number of "lurkers."

There's a "count members" button that says we have 651 members today.

Let me mention, by the way, that the B-Hebrew list has revived nicely under
the leadership of Brian Rocine, with interesting, relevant posts and a
friendlier atmosphere. They now have 393 members.



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