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Mon Jan 11 15:27:08 EST 1999

Colleagues, and Margie:

Margaret Allen asks about a good text to review her Greek.

She writes-------------->>>>>

The subject line says it all. I am looking for the latest info on good 
Beginning/Intermediate NT Greek texts (Christian Latin too, as a matter of 

I need to see where I am with Greek and Latin 20 years after my BA in Greek 
from Bryn Mawr. I will be starting divinity school in the fall and would 
like to start a review process now. Maybe I've retained enough that I can 
out of a summer intensive!!!

Point me in the right direction for resources, if you can.

margie allen

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Since you have a BA in Greek from Bryn Mawr, you almost certainly did 
classical Greek.  (At Wellesley, a minimum of three semesters is required 
of classical Greek before the New Testament may be studied in Greek.)
Therefore I think the wisest thing to do, by far, would be to use a 
classical textbook with lots of examples, to get you back in the swing
of Greek.  Then, at the last moment (month?), start reading a Greek New
Testament. (John first, then Mark, then see if you can do Luke; if there
is still time, read a little Paul [Philemon, Philippians],
then try Acts 27-28 if you want to confound your examiners!)

I'd suggest as probably best for you:

	_From Alpha to Omega_ by Anne Groton; 1995, revised edition
	(pub. Focus Information Group, Newburyport, MA  01950)

The two-volume Zuntz is also full of texts to read, but it is probably
a bit much for review.  With Groton, go as fast as you can till it begins 
to seem a bit hard; then slow down and read more carefully.

Believe me, you will place out of anything taught in the intensive
programs at Harvard or the GTU (which I know first-hand); only the
Michigan program would challenge you after this review.

Edward Hobbs

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