Baptism as translation

Mon Jan 11 15:10:03 EST 1999

Sorry I don't have the right header-- I deleted the inquiry, then thought 
about it later.  Denny Diehl, I believe it was, asked about the use
of "baptism" as a translation into English: how early did it start?

As a translation in the Bible, Wyclif (1382) uses it regularly;
and we have no earlier English translation than that.

It is attested as early as 1380 in other texts.
Do you want Anglo-Saxon usage, or will Middle English do?

It was regularly transliterated into Latin translations, and then also
into French.

Non-"baptism" translation seems to be virtually unique to Baptist 
translations, which often liked to translate with a visual image of
the act, such as "immersion.".

Edward Hobbs

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