ambiguity and participles

Perry L. Stepp plstepp at
Mon Jan 11 12:20:00 EST 1999

As I'm working through 2 Tim, I am at times having trouble determining if a
participle should be classified as substantival or attributive--I've
probably found a dozen or so where I've had to spend at least a *little*
time in deliberation before reaching a tentative conclusion.  As one
obsessed with minutiae, I'm driven to distraction.

For example, 2 Tim 3.6: EK TOUTWN FAR EISIN hOI ENDUNONTES . . . KAI

Do I have two substantival participles (hOI ENDUNONTES and [hOI]
AICMALWTIZONTES)?  Or do I have two attributive participles, modifying hOI?
Or can the participles be classified as either?

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