Congratulations to Wieland Willker

Mon Jan 11 12:46:59 EST 1999


Recently one of our participants on B-Greek, Wieland Willker at the 
University of Bremen (Germany), has made available two remarkable
resources on the Net.

His Papyrus Egerton 2 is a truly wonderful tool for all interested in the 
early papyri, particularly in non-canonical Christian papyri.

And now he has posted the complete Greek New Testament in the Nestle-
Aland 26th edition, easily readable (virtually automatically with Windows 
95's Symbol font), and without the sometimes-misleading accents and 
breathings and capital letters.  Further, he has followed George 
Klpatrick's practice of not using final sigma, since it sometimes begs the 
question of where word-divisions should occur.  It is downloadable, also.


May I express my thanks to him for doing us all this fine service!

And, if any of you want to play the "Conjectural Emendation" game,
he has offered some major challenges for us in Egerton 2.  (When
Rendel Harris was asked about his evidence for an amazing new reading in 
the Greek New Testament, he would reply, "The very best -- conjectural

Edward C. Hobbs

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