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Tom Williamson twilliam at
Sun Jan 10 13:06:44 EST 1999

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> The only complete recording of the New Testament in Greek that I am aware
> of was done by Spiro Zodhiates, whose web site is at:
> His web site does not mention the cassettes, which I only know of by rumor.

I know of them by fact.  I bought them.  He uses modern Greek
pronunciation.  As Greek is his native tongue, his Koine Greek has the
accent and rhythm of a living, spoken, human language.  It is

And available: AMG Publishers
               6815 Shallowford Road
               Chattanooga, Tn.  37421
               (423) 894-6060
               (800) 251-7206 X236

Tom Williamson

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