Fri Jan 8 15:15:31 EST 1999


Juerg Buchegger, who supplied us with a devastatingly accurate evaluation 
of Lamsa and his work, asked about IMHO (and other obscure english words).
Jonathan Ryder has already explained that it means "In My Humble Opinion".

His puzzlement reminds me of MY puzzlement for years when I would see, in
German theological works, the abbreviation "m.E.".  Though some 
dictionaries would give it as meaning "meines Erachtens," I still often 
couldn't get the hang of it in many cases.  Then it dawned on me that it 
meant IMHO -- and all was clear!

Edward Hobbs

-----------------Juerg wrote------->>>>>>>>>>

I always knew that there are in the englishspeaking (or better american)
world some cryptical abbreviations everybody seems to know and
understand and I occasionally can find some of them in B-Greek.
Perhaps there are others out here in the international public of B-Greek
still wondering and trying to figure out what IMHO, for example, and
other obscure "english words" (or is it Greek? :-)) do mean.

Juerg Buchegger

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