On-Line Bible: searchable LXX & GNT

Mark Goodacre M.S.GOODACRE at bham.ac.uk
Fri Jan 8 12:45:18 EST 1999

Another link for you and this time a real cracker:


    On-Line Bible: from Biola University: searchable text of the Greek New
    Testament (NA26) that uses the "symbol" font so that everyone can see the
    Greek. You can also search the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the Latin
    Vulgate and several translations (French, German, Spanish, Swedish,
    Russian, Norwegian, Italian, New American Standard, KJV, etc.) from the
    same page. You also view up to two parallel versions of any passage (e.g.
    you  could look at any passage simulataneously in Greek, Latin and
    English).  Strongly recommended. 

The above is the write-up from my Greek NT page 
(http://www.bham.ac.uk/theology/goodacre/greek.htm) but let me add a couple of 
extra comments for b-greek.  The LXX is taken (with permission!) from the CCAT 
gopher so now there is an on-line searcable LXX after all -- and one 
could have the Hebrew and Latin alongside it if one wants, or Hebrew and 
English, or whatever one chooses (for Hebrew you will need to download the 
font, though).

The font used for the Greek is the symbol font and final sigmas have not been 
used for lower case Greek but that means that one can search for words more 
easily (e.g I tried anqrwpos in Daniel and got all the occurrences very 
quickly, with Hebrew parallels and New American Standard).  The chi and xi have 
been entered the wrong way round, so one will need to search for EXETE and not 

I hope this time I am referring you all to a genuinely free resource!

Have a good weekend

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