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Fri Jan 8 08:06:01 EST 1999

>Some time ago there was a thread on preparation of voice files with
>New Testament in Greek. Have any such files been made? Where they can be


>Pawel Lutze
>paulos at

this may have been a reference to a greek course that i have available in a
'beta version', currently only on cassettes, though it may be on CD by
christmas 99.

section one is 500 pictures (no script) and cassettes
section two intros the alphabet and reading thru a discovery process and
cassettes. plus scripts for pictures.
section three are 11 units of dialogues and substitution drills in koine
greek. similar framework to "US foreign service institute" materials,
though dealing with parables from gospels, an aesop fable and some papyri
letters. everything written out, fully glossed in english, with grammar
notes. finally notes on 1 john and didache for further reading along with
cassette. (2 books, 14 cassettes, $85 plus shipping from jerusalem,

the next edition will have 1000 introductory pictures. the e.t.a. of
december is now march-april because of other commitments by the artist. 

if someone wanted to invest $2500 for the artist this could be moved up.

randall buth
pronunciation on tapes is basically a first century vowel grid with soft
'modern greek' consonants.
vowels are:
U=OI [french u]

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