Jonathan Ryder jpr1001 at
Fri Jan 8 04:17:38 EST 1999

Jürg Buchegger wrote:

> By the way, I always knew that there are in the englishspeaking (or better
> american)
> world some cryptical abbreviations everybody seems to know and
> understand and I occasionally can find some of them in B-Greek.
> Perhaps there are others out here in the international public of B-Greek
> still wondering and trying to figure out what IMHO, for example, and
> other obscure "english words" (or is it Greek? :-)) do mean.
> Have a good day
> Juerg Buchegger

I, too, as an Englishman (not American) and new net/e-mail user have sometimes
experienced difficulties. However, IMHO, I believe IMHO= 'in my humble opinion'!

Perhaps you could flag up others that you find difficult as I'm sure new users and
other international users like you and me would appreciate the help (or the challenge
at decoding them!)

Jonathan Ryder

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