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Fri Jan 8 01:52:30 EST 1999

>At 08:11 AM 1/7/99 PST, George Blaisdell wrote:
>>I would be extraordinarily grateful to you if you were to do an English
>>translation of the German.  I would feel much less 'left out'!!  :-)

And Jonathan answered:
>"The reviews of this book are scathing. Unfortunately, justifiably so.
>Lamsa is unreliable. The Peshitta, which he inaccurately holds to be the
>oldest Syrian translation, supposedly contains the original verbal
>tradition of the Apostles in their own language! Every book about textual
>history of the New Testament teaches us otherwise. In his discussion of the
>first book of Lamsa in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 20 (1958), p.
>384-389, R.M. Frank used Ecclesiastes 10:13 as an introductory quote."
>Ecclesiastes 10:13 "The beginning of his talking is folly and the end of it
>is wicked madness."
>I'm just the translator...

And I say to that: Thank you very much, Jonathan. - By the way, I
always knew that there are in the englishspeaking (or better american)
world some cryptical abbreviations everybody seems to know and
understand and I occasionally can find some of them in B-Greek.
Perhaps there are others out here in the international public of B-Greek
still wondering and trying to figure out what IMHO, for example, and
other obscure "english words" (or is it Greek? :-)) do mean.
Have a good day
Juerg Buchegger

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