b-greek digest: January 06, 1999

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At 08:11 AM 1/7/99 PST, George Blaisdell wrote:
>I would be extraordinarily grateful to you if you were to do an English 
>translation of the German.  I would feel much less 'left out'!!  :-)

"The reviews of this book are scathing. Unfortunately, justifiably so.
Lamsa is unreliable. The Peshitta, which he inaccurately holds to be the
oldest Syrian translation, supposedly contains the original verbal
tradition of the Apostles in their own language! Every book about textual
history of the New Testament teaches us otherwise. In his discussion of the
first book of Lamsa in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 20 (1958), p.
384-389, R.M. Frank used Ecclesiastes 10:13 as an introductory quote."
Ecclesiastes 10:13 "The beginning of his talking is folly and the end of it
is wicked madness."

I'm just the translator...

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