AGAIN! (Re: Another question re. 2 Tim 1.12)

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Thu Jan 7 11:00:07 EST 1999

>From: "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad at>
>Subject: Re: AGAIN! (Re: Another question re. 2 Tim 1.12)

>There are times when I look
>back wistfully at Joshua Whatmough's "naive" declaration that all
>accusatives simply set limits upon the efficacy of a word with which 
>construe--and then we have to go and divvy up all the different kinds 
>limiting functions into so many different "accusatives."

You make a wonderful point here, Carl ~ 

Why, in heaven's name, burden the grammar of K. Greek with a whole bunch 
of terms that really only express what is "naively" simple to 
understand?  Greek is, imho, already very overburdened in this regard, 
such that studying it CAN be a very daunting intellectual 'memorization 
of terms' exercise for folks starting out.  And what purpose is served 
by such an intellectually plethoric nomenclature?  Does it help those 
who 'know' the nomenclature to better understand the Greek?  Or does it 
simply bar the door to others?


George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

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