b-greek digest: January 06, 1999

Jürg Buchegger j.buchegger at datacomm.ch
Thu Jan 7 10:26:10 EST 1999

Jeramy Townsley wrote:
>Here's another quick follow-up question.  Does anybody know if Lamsa's
>Aramaic Hypothesis is related at all to Funk's Jesus Seminar?  For
>example, did Funk get his impetus from Lamsa?  Just asking.

I must confess that I did not follow the whole discussion on this topic and
I also don't know, whether the Jesus Seminar scholars want to be connected
with Lamsa (I would think they do not), but I happened to find a (german)
copy of George M. Lamsas (B.A., F.R.S.A.) book 'Gospel light' (9.ed. in
german in 1963) and in that book I laid a copy of a german recension (?) to
his 1957 book "The holy bible from ancient eastern manuscripts" some years
ago, which said: "Die Rezensionen [ueber dieses Buch] sind vernichtend.
Leider zurecht. Lamsa ist unzuverlässig. Die Peshitta, die er zu Unrecht für
die älteste syrische Uebersetzung des NT's haelt, soll die originale
woertliche Tradition der Apostel in ihrer eigenen Sprache (!) enthalten.
Jedes Buch ueber die Textgeschichte des NT's belehrt uns anders. R.M.Frank
setzte in seiner Besprechung des ersten Buches von Lamsa (The Catholic
Biblical Quarterly 20 (1958), 384-389) als Motto darueber Prediger 10,13." =
Ecclesiastes 10,13

Juerg Buchegger

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