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Thu Jan 7 08:41:34 EST 1999

On  7 Jan 99 at 13:10, Mark Goodacre wrote:

> On  7 Jan 99 at 13:00, Jonathan Ryder wrote:
> > I'm sure I've seen this request before but don't remember the answer. Is
> > there an online searchable GNT/LXX tagged or otherwise on the Net?
> gopher://
> This is on-line and "tagged" but not searchable (except of course manually on
> your own machine).

Sorry -- didn't notice the GNT bit; for some reason, my eyes just caught the 
LXX bit.  For on-line Greek NT texts, have a look at my Recommended Greek NT 

For interlinears, have a look at the one Jonathan mentions (which you can use 
without having the relevant font installed) or look at this one:

This is from Goshen and features Greek and Hebrew, but you will need to have 
the relevant BST fonts installed first.

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