Differences between published copies of the Greek New Testam

Mark Goodacre M.S.GOODACRE at bham.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 07:17:07 EST 1999

On  6 Jan 99 at 16:04, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> The type in Nestle, horrible for decades, has now become readable,
> partly through a slight increase in font-size, partly through a major
> increase in page-size (the apparatus now has room, so to speak!).
> The type in UBS-GNT, beautiful through three editions, is now so ghastly
> that I will not use it (I'm stuck with three copies, one leather-bound!).
>  (I bought my third copy because Clay wrote that he thought
>  the 2nd printing had ever-so-slightly darker printing [it
>  doesn't].)  I know I have vision problems; but looking at a
>  page of this 4th edition makes me want to call up an eye-surgeon!

I quite agree -- it is vastly inferior to the nice-looking third edition.

One of the annoyances to me about NA27 in comparison with NA26 is that it is 
no longer pocket size!  One always used to be able to pop NA26 into one's 
jacket pocket on the way to a seminar but alas no more with NA27.  Most 

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